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Please voters please have a look once…

De de baba VOTE   Chunaao ka saal hai, satta ka kamaal hai, har neta behaal hai, paanch-saala sawaal hai, de de baba……..   VOTE de ki desh khush-haal bane, hamaare khaane-peene laayak bhaal bane, jis se aur moti hamaari

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Comparative Data Analysis of Indian States

State                           Population (2011 census, in million)    Uttar Pradesh              199   Maharashtra                112  

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Did You Know

See What is happening and what is going to ………..?

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My four Mistakes

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Thermostats which saves your energy consumption

We spends our hardcore money  on utility bills, and with the expectation that bills will rise this winter, electric and energy companies have taken this issue by resolving it themselves with the creation of wireless programmable thermostats.This advanced thermostat is

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Welcome Note

Eva family welcomes all you in the world of  knowledge share  through our this new channel hope you will support us and give your precious love…….e to us as usually.

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